AR PRO by Cadashboard for Zoho Books

Say goodbye to overdue payments.

Built for: Books Developed by: Orgpro Softwares Private Limited

The integration between Zoho Books and Cadashboard allows users to combine the power of these two platforms to gain valuable insights into their financial data. The integration enables seamless data transfer and synchronization between the two systems. Users can connect their Zoho Books account to Cadashboard and import financial data to drill down into the details. By clicking on specific elements within the dashboard, users can access underlying transaction details and perform deeper analyses. This feature helps users identify trends, anomalies, and areas for improvement in their financial data.

Overall, the integration between Zoho Books and Cadashboard empowers businesses to streamline their financial reporting and analysis processes. By combining the robust accounting capabilities of Zoho Books with the data visualization features of Cadashboard, users can gain actionable insights into their financial data and drive better business decisions.

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    Deployment type API-built integrations
    Published date Jun 11, 2023
    Version 1.0
    Category Finance
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