Barcode Extension for Zoho CRM

Generate and Manage Barcode/QR Code within Zoho CRM

Built for: CRM Developed by: TECHMA

Tired of manual data entry slowing down your business? Try the Barcode Extension for Zoho CRM and easily scan barcodes to access and update your Zoho CRM records. Manage Zoho CRM records in real time with quick barcode scanning. Instantly track products and associate barcodes with leads, contacts, deals, products, and invoices—all with a few simple scans. Our user-friendly interface enables you to tailor barcode fields to your unique needs. Add a personalized touch with custom variables. Print, preview, or attach your barcode. Get real-time updates, eliminate syncing delays, and enhance overall accuracy. Transform your Zoho CRM workflows today with the Barcode Extension for Zoho CRM.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Feb 1, 2024
    Version 1.0
    Category Business
    Pricing Paid
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