Business Card Reader for Zoho CRM

Business Card Reader for Zoho CRM transfers all card data directly to your Zoho CRM!

Product: CRM Developed by: MagneticOne MobileWorks

Digitally store details from physical business cards on Zoho CRM using Business Card Reader for Zoho CRM.
Snap a photo of the business card and instantly import all card data into Zoho CRM. Moreover, find out additional information about your potential client, partner, or colleague from the database of

Save a business card in 2 simple steps:
1. Snap a photo of the business card and the app will recognize it automatically
2. Preview and save results

Business Card Reader has a simple user-friendly interface and built-in integration wizard exclusively for Zoho CRM. The application recognizes text in 25 languages. Preview the results of the scan and make necessary changes before saving. Enter business cards from recently taken photos. Keep your contacts secure and in one place.

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    Published date Jun 22, 2020
    Category Business
    Pricing Free
    Platform API

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