CloudCTI for Zoho CRM

Integrate Zoho CRM with any telephony platform supported by CloudCTI

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The CloudCTI extension increases efficiency. You can set up a call just by clicking the associated phone numbers in Zoho CRM. Manually dialing the correct number takes up time. Accidentally dialing the wrong number takes even more. If you can click to dial, you will never call the wrong person again and increase productivity with the time you save. 
On inbound calls, the CloudCTI extension improves your business process even more than with outbound calls. A misidentification of a caller can be costly if it goes unnoticed. For example, a package can be incorrectly sent to the wrong contact if the recipient details were looked up quickly by hand. A new contact’s phone number can be entered into Zoho CRM with a typo, making it impossible or time-consuming to reach that person by phone later on. Preventing the cost of such mistakes can make a huge difference over time. 

The CloudCTI extension improves your customer experience. Customers will prefer a supplier that can help them quickly and without hassle. Making callers go through the arduous process of asking for long customer ID code that they type in manually is not optimal. It's even worse if you transfer the call to a colleague with another department and the caller needs to repeat the process. With automatic customer recognition and screen-pops, a customer will never have to endure this nonsense again. 

Your staff prefers purposeful activities that contribute to their goals. They enjoy making calls with a single key press and looking up contacts with only a mouse click because less of their time is wasted on senseless number copying. Even if you only make one phone call per day, knowing that it has been made easy can improve employee happiness and motivation.

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    Published date Mar 19, 2020
    Category Telephony
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