Commercient SYNC for Epicor Eagle and Zoho CRM

Save time and money with Commercient SYNC

Service: CRM Developed by: Commercient

Eliminate the timely costly procedure of hopping between systems to gather all the data you require. Commercient provides a data integration application SYNC, which can integrate your data, either one way or two ways, between Epicor Eagle and Zoho CRM. Close the gap between Epicor Eagle and Zoho CRM with a quick and efficient integration tool. With Commercient Sync, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry, and all the risk of human error that comes along with it. The integration is easy to implement and doesn’t require ETL, mapping, or coding, reducing integration costs by up to 80%. SYNC harnesses the power of the cloud to provide more security, productivity, efficiency, and revenue. All of the information important to your accounting team and sales department is in one easy-to-access place. Boost efficiency by simplifying everyone’s jobs, speeding up the sales process, and providing your employees with one truly collaborative system.

Version Compatibility:
Commercient’s SYNC application is compatible with Epicor 10, Epicor Prophet 21, P21, Epicor Eagle, Epicor 9, Dataworks, DCD, Scala, ROI (Manage2000), and Epicor 10 Cloud Version.

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    Published date Nov 4, 2020
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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