ConnectLeader Agent Assisted Dialer for Zoho CRM

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Team Dialer® is an agent-assisted dialer that takes dialing to the next level. It enables sales reps to make over 125 dials and have 7 to 10 live conversations per hour, on average. What use to take a day can now be completed in just one hour, increasing sales productivity by 800 percent. Team Dialer is able to deliver these results by seamlessly combining the work of our trained human dialing agents with our patented technology to substantially increase call volume and live conversations for your sales reps. Our dialing agents do the busywork of dialing, navigating phone trees, and even talking with receptionists. They then hand off live conversations to the target decision maker. This enables your sales reps to do what they do best: talk with customers and prospects. And don’t worry, this entire process is invisible to your customers. Each connected call is just like any other direct call made by your sales rep to your customer. So, if you want to crush your sales goals, you owe it to yourself to look into Team Dialer.

Personal Dialer® is a cloud-based sales dialer that helps you dial a list of prospects and connect with up to twice as many people without changing your process to suit the software. Our patented software provides you table-based views with full visibility of the dialing process and allows you to select or deselect records, enter notes, and view CRM records. Advanced features such as our area-based caller ID feature will improve connect rates by displaying a local caller ID. You can save time and improve lead generation by leaving voicemails using Personal Dialer’s pre-recorded voicemail feature. All of your notes related to calling attempts and conversations will go directly into your CRM system, making it easier to record your work and meet your KPIs.

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    Published date Aug 9, 2019
    Version 1.0
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