Dealfront for Zoho CRM

Successfully close deals and automate your processes in Zoho CRM

Built for: CRM Developed by: Dealfront

Connect Zoho with Dealfront, the go-to-market platform for Europe that gives businesses everything they need to win leads and close deals. Dealfront’s multilingual AI understands the nuances of local markets, so it can access data and insights that other tools can’t, all within the most complex compliance standards.

Get access to 40M+ deep company profiles and 180M+ contacts with Dealfront, that are truly GDPR compliant. Dealfront is trusted by 10,000+ customers from across 27 countries.

Get two-way CRM synchronization.
Bring Dealfront company and contact data into Zoho CRM and vice versa to create new accounts or connect to existing accounts and contacts in your Zoho CRM. Keep your team organized without switching between systems.

Prioritize accounts with 100+ filters.
Drill down your target account lists to match your ideal customers profile (ICP) using 100+ powerful filters, trigger events, company news, and financial data. Shift your focus to those accounts with the highest closing probability.

Automate lead creation in your Zoho CRM.
Populate companies, deals, and tasks instantly. Whether you want to create a task for every newly created deal/company or define the closing period of a deal, you can do it all with Dealfront CRM Automations.

Automatically target open CRM deals.
Convert more prospects into customers by advertising to the same companies your sales teams are pursuing. Dealfront automatically updates your list of open Zoho CRM deals so you can keep your brand or product in their mind with campaigns targeting them, nurtured leads, and prospects.

Most accurate B2B data for Europe.
Access the most accurate, up-to-date, and truly compliant B2B data for Europe built for the highest European compliance standards.

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    Deployment type API-built integrations
    Published date Dec 9, 2018
    Version 3.0
    Category Sales
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