Driftrock for Zoho CRM

Connect your Zoho CRM with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to unlock advanced lead generation and remarketing strategies.

Built for: CRM Developed by: Driftrock

Gain advantage over your competitors with Driftrock's multichannel lead generation platform.
With Driftrock’s software you can sync and track leads and audiences from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn directly to your Zoho CRM in real time.
Driftrock will help you transform and map your lead data and deliver it to your Zoho CRM in the right format.
You can also use Driftrock’s powerful segmentation tool to improve your targeting and create highly-relevant marketing campaigns.
As a Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn partner, Driftlock is trusted by the world's largest advertising networks to help companies create advertising people want to see.

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    Deployment type API-built integrations
    Published date May 2, 2019
    Version 1.0
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Paid
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