ECB Euro Exchange Rates for Zoho CRM

Automatically get daily currency exchange rate updates in Zoho CRM based on the European Central Bank (ECB) Euro foreign exchange reference rates.

Built for: CRM Developed by: Svennis Cloud Solutions

ECB Exchange Rates for Zoho CRM automatically retrieves exchange rates from the European Central Bank - Euro foreign exchange reference rates database and updates the exchange rate in your Zoho CRM account. You have the possibility to adjust the ECB exchange rates with a certain percentage using our WebTab as well as to update the exchange rate for each currency wherever you need it. At the same time, you have a custom module—Currencies Updates—where you can see all the updates that have been made to a currency's exchange rates or to the on-top percentage, as well as which user has done it and when. You also have the possibility to view the evolution chart for each of the exchange rates from within Zoho CRM by directly accessing the ECB Euro foreign exchange reference rates charts. This extension is specially designed for EU companies that have their main currency selected as EURO in Zoho CRM.

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    Published date Sep 26, 2021
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