MOLPay Extension for Zoho CRM

Easy payment link for your CRM Invoice

Built for: CRM Developed by: Binary Nexus

MOLPay is Southeast Asia Payment Gateway that accepts multi-currency payments through a single integration service. This service accepts Visa, Mastercard, and broad direct bank transfers. Existing MOLPay subscribers will find a more simplified process of creating a payment URL inside ZOHO CRM using the MOLPay CRM Extension. Once an invoice is created, a payment link can be generated with the click of a button on the invoice page. The payment link can then be embedded inside the Zoho CRM email template. This is easily generated in order to be sent to customers. Customers who click the payment link will be brought directly to the MOLPay payment page to start the payment process. Successful payments are updated within Zoho CRM.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Feb 12, 2019
    Version 1.1
    Latest Released date Sep 9, 2022
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Paid
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