Swiss QR Invoice for Zoho CRM

Generate SIX standard-compliant Swiss QR invoices directly from Zoho CRM

Service: CRM Developed by: KMU Digitalisierung GmbH

Use the QR Rechnung extension for Zoho CRM to generate invoices supplemented with a QR payment addition. This QR payment addition complies with the official Swiss requirements of the procedure owner SIX.

QR Rechnung feature automatically adds the QR payment part with all the details to the invoice. To use the QR Rechnung application, you'll need an account and an API key from, which you can open in a few clicks. Use your API key from your QR Modul account to generate your API Key in QR Modul, as well as get the option to design your own invoice template in QR Modul.

You can send invoices either directly from Zoho CRM via email or by using our Letter Shop extension to send through postal mail with A or B franking.

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    Published date Oct 24, 2021
    Latest Released date Oct 20, 2021
    Category Finance
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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