Zoho CRM for Megacall

Inbound and outbound telephony solution for Zoho CRM

Built for: CRM Developed by: Megacall

With Megacall enhance your Zoho CRM experience with a seamless integration between Megacall cloud phone system and Zoho CRM, enhancing work flow and increasing productivity.
As more and more businesses move to cloud based management systems and services and the world becomes a smaller place being able to choose inbound numbering from 77 countries bringing clients and their customers closer together. For example, you can purchase a number from Madrid, Manhattan, Sydney and/or Rio de Janeiro and have them all ringing in anywhere in the world. Using our platform workers can work from anywhere with an internet connection.
Integration can be set up in a matter of minutes with no engineers or installation lead-times and importantly no long term contracts, just monthly terms, there are no contract penalties only happy clients.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Feb 13, 2019
    Version 1.0
    Category Telephony
    Pricing Free
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