TrackmyTime for Zoho Creator

Bill your clients accurately by automatically recording the time your employees spend on tasks.

Developed by: Yaali Bizappln Solutions

TrackmyTime is an automatic time tracking app built for remote and distributed teams. By integrating this app with Zoho Creator, you can automatically record the time employees spend on each project and task, and automatically create entries in the employees' timesheets. This helps avoid time misuse and ensures you bill clients accurately.

TrackmyTime doesn’t just track the time your employees spend on tasks—it also monitors employees activities with automated screenshots, live screen recording, and timestamped data. This way you can monitor the activities of your employees and better track productivity.

If an employee is inactive for a set period of time, an idle time alert will pop up, prompting them to remain on task. TrackmyTime can be installed and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and the best part is, it works both online and offline.

Note: The TrackmyTime web app can be downloaded from the Help Documentation after installing the extension in your creator account.

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    Published date Apr 24, 2022
    Version 1.1
    Latest Released date Sep 2, 2022
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