Go Integrator by Mondago for Zoho Desk

Go Integrator PhoneBridge integration for your BroadWorks telephony system.

Product: Desk Developed by: Go Integrator by Mondago

Go Integrator is a powerful unified communication software suite, which provides quality integration, communication, and collaboration with their Broadworks phone system. It allows you to dial any number with ease, sync customer records with our excellent voice platform, and work collaboratively. It's not only guaranteed to save you time, but it's also effortless to set up and maintain, at a fraction of the cost of other integration tools.
The Go Integrator extension for Zoho Desk provides all the call functions you need—dial, transfer, hold, consult, caller preview, address book searching, and more—with just a click.

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    Published date Sep 13, 2018
    Category Telephony
    Pricing Free
    Platform Phonebridge

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