MessageBird multichannel tickets for Zoho Desk

Sync & conduct conversations through various social media channels from Zoho Desk

Built for: Desk Developed by: Ulgebra
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Connect WhatsApp, SMS, LINE, Viber and various widely used social media channels to Zoho Desk through MessageBird. This way you can receive messages from multiple platforms as Tickets thereby tracking the conversations across various channels within Zoho Desk. Promptly reply to messages from Customers directly within the Ticket. View the complete history of chats held with the Ticket and Customer. Go through the details of each message available as a comment within the Ticket. Send instant proactive messages from Zoho Desk and simply the process with the help you message templates. Personalize your message templates using Ticket or Contact fields.

Access the MessageBird Inbox where you can view all the conversations held through MessageBird. Select any conversation to go through the chat history and send messages. Also, receive real-time notifications within the app and enable desktop notifications. The Zoho Desk admin can share the MessageBird account with multiple users. Furthermore, explore the various features of the app at the settings page to tailor the app to your needs.

Key Features:

    This app contains In-app pricing ($5/user/month). Send first 250 messages for free. No Credit Card is required.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Mar 22, 2020
    Version 3.0
    Latest Released date Oct 6, 2022
    Category Channels
    Pricing Free
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