InterCloud9 Auto Dialer for Zoho CRM

Auto Dialer Plug In Zoho

Service: CRM Developed by: interCloud9, LLC

InterCloud9's Zoho Auto Dialer Extension is a must-have for call centers or individuals looking to optimize their outbound calling efforts. With the release of interCloud9s dialer extension for Zoho, agents remain busy with automated dialing resulting in a 500 percent increase in efficiency and up to 500 calls per hour per agent. The multi-line dialer is 100 percent web based with NO software to download, and features both a power and predictive calling option, call recording, and real time agent monitoring, just to name a few. Since our dialer is cloud-based, it can be utilized from anywhere and allows you or your agents to speak via a computer headset over the internet (VoIP), dial in with a landline, or integrate with your hosted PBX solution.

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    Published date Mar 26, 2019
    Category Telephony
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