ThankBunny- Retail ERP

Track, measure and manage daily activities of your retail brand effectively.

Developed by: Zoho Corporation

Thank Bunny's easy-to-use CRM platform helps you manage all operations at your retail stores, empower you to execute customer engagement activities effortlessly, retain customers and increase sales with proven game-mechanics. The result? Long-term relationships and maximized margins.

Key Features:

    Data is your most important asset, and it is in safe hands with us. Our SLA and up-time guarantees keep your business running at all times, thus ensuring enterprise readiness.
    Also get the advantage of multi-channel touch points like email, telephony, social media integration, and realtime messaging (coming soon).
    Enhance your sales performance with territory management, data intelligence, and workflow automation.

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    Published date Jul 6, 2016
    Category Retail
    Pricing Paid

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