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Zoho SalesIQ


Automate and sync your Zoho SalesIQ reporting events to HubSpot.


Integrate this strong analytical tool that provides you with live chat metrics to improve and enhance your chats. Get your live chat events organized into your HubSpot dashboard.

Key Features:

    How It Works:

      Without an accurate understanding of your customer behavior on your website, it can be difficult to know what aspects of your support service need improvement. You need access to that all-important information immediately, not days or weeks after you've interacted with clients. The HubSpot integration for Zoho SalesIQ helps you keep pace with your customers' activities on your site so you increase revenue from your digital channels. Store all real-time customer data in one place so that you have everything you need to engage with the right clients the right way.

      Version: 1.0
      Category: Analytics
      Pricing: Free

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