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Add Mixpanel to Zoho SalesIQ and track the visitor’s behavior on the live chat operation.


Mixpanel is an analytics service which tracks users interactions with web and mobile applications giving you insight about your visitors.

Key Features:

    How It Works:

      Add Mixpanel to Zoho SalesIQ and track the visitor’s behavior on the live chat operation. See your website visitors live chat actionable metrics in real time that helps companies understand how the users can interact with the site visitors. This extension allows you to keep an eye on your live chat conversions and track the visitor funnels. Let's say a visitor comes to your website, wanders around for a minute and clicks on the chat icon. He started a conversation, got his doubts cleared and with full satisfaction, clicked 5 stars on the rating. So, the funnel of this particular visitor would be: Hits the site -> Chat button clicked -> Started chat -> Submitted rating You can monitor each and every minute activity of your visitor. With this funnel, you can understand the drop at various stages. Not just that, this extension also helps in knowing how often the visitors come again and engage in a chat conversation. This way we measure retention and the exceptional support we provide. Understanding what your users are doing doesn’t have to be a complicated setup process. Once you integrate Mixpanel into Zoho SalesIQ, you can pick and choose which actions to track in your site. You can even track if people used the comment feature or tapped that button in your app. Just point and click to choose the interactions you want to measure By Integrating Mixpanel with Zoho SalesIQ you can, send data from your Zoho SalesIQ account to Mixpanel, track your visitor's behavior on the chat widget installed on your website and view visitor engagement information from Mixpanel during chat. Quit guessing about how your users are behaving on your website or mobile app. By integrating Mixpanel into Zoho SalesIQ, you can track all actions and live chats from so you can make focused decisions on how to improve and grow your revenue.


      Version: 1.0
      Category: Analytics
      Pricing: Free

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