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Zoho SalesIQ


Get valuable insights of your website's visitors live chat operation into your Piwik dashboard.


Track key performance indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords and many more. Expand Zoho SalesIQ's functionality by adding Piwik plugin from the Zoho Marketplace.

Key Features:

    How It Works:

      It's easier to sell to your website visitors when you know more about them. Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Piwik to gather and analyze important information about your users. Track live chat operations and measure KPIs like site visits, goal conversion rates, purchase history, and more so you can see how to better serve your customers and where your support team needs improvement. With Piwik extension, you can view in real time the detailed eCommerce log, showing all visits that have made a purchase on your website, including those visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart with products left in them. Use Piwik to make sense of your web server log data. All web servers generate access log files which contain all of the requests made to the server. You can import and analyse your web server logs using Piwik. In the same dashboard you will be able to analyze visit details, including IP address, URL, user agent, referrer URL, search keywords, campaign information and more.


      Version: 1.0
      Category: Analytics
      Pricing: Free

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