Client Portal Extension for Zoho CRM

A Unified Customization Customer Portal for Zoho CRM

Service: CRM Developed by: Catalyst Connect

Zoho’s Client Portal for WordPress allows you to create a custom client portal for each one of your clients directly within your WordPress site. The customizable portal utilizes data directly from Zoho applications and allows you to pick and choose which Zoho apps are made visible to your customers while configuring the appearance to fit your website. It also features different view and edit permissions so you can keep your customers better informed and up to date while giving them control over the data you would like them to update. Communication is key for any organization, and now you can give your clients a single portal to manage all of their work with you. From keeping their account information up to date to tracking projects to paying invoices and managing support tickets, Zoho Client Portal for WordPress will help you operate more efficiently and professionally than ever.

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    Published date Jan 5, 2020
    Latest Released date Sep 23, 2020
    Category Customer Service
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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