Asset Register with Depreciation Calculation

Track your Assets from Installation to Disposal

Developed by: M M Consultancy Services
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This application will help you maintain details of all Assets owned by your company. It will calculate depreciation for all assets or a class of asset every month or every financial year. Asset’s AMC / Warranty expiry date can be tracked to take timely action for renewal. Assets in Asset Register are grouped into categories and sub-categories. These categories & sub categories are user defined. Each asset category can have multiple sub-categories. For ex. categories could be IT, engineering, administration, etc. and sub categories could be, desktops/ laptops, networking equipment, printers, etc. for IT. AC equipment, mechanical equipment, etc. in case Engineering and for Administration Dept., it could be furniture, vehicles, etc. with sub-categories as tables, chairs, cars, etc. You can define as many categories and sub-categories as you want as they are master driven.
The Assets in each Category and Sub-Category are automatically numbered when they are added in the Asset Master. You can generate a Barcode or a QR Code as per your choice for each asset based on unique code assigned to each asset. Asset No. consisting of category code + sub-category code + asset ID becomes unique combination and can be used for labelling of Assets.

Key Features:

    The Asset Master is a comprehensive record of all the assets owned by the company such as asset make & model, asset specifications, vendor name, purchase price & date, warranty/ AMC expiry date, etc. and many more details. The application helps in tracking the warranty/ AMC expiry date of Assets which are covered by maintenance contract.
Assets can be added to inventory using an EXCEL template whose link is given in the help document. It will save time and efforts in initially creating records of all existing assets of the company.
Once the Asset is added to inventory, it can be assigned to a Dept. or Dept/ Employee combination and Asset status gets automatically updated to “In Use”. Asset allocated to X can be transferred to Y with the help of Change Asset allocation form.
The Asset status can be tracked whether it is "In Use", "Idle", "Under Repair", "Scrapped" or "Disposed". You can change the Asset Status as required. Once an asset is disposed, you can record the disposal date and disposal value.

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    Published date Sep 27, 2017
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Aug 2, 2023
    Category IT and Administration
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