Training Academy Management

Training is a life long activity

Developed by: M M Consultancy Services

This application is useful for any training institute looking to offer long-term (more than one year), medium-term (between one month and one year), and short-term (less than one month) programs or courses. Define program structures for long-term courses, enroll students, create batches, mark student attendance, and record exam grades for students through this application. You can also maintain student and trainer profiles. Manage a teaching timetable for those programs or courses where you need to mark subject-specific attendance. For other programs or courses, you can mark attendance without a timetable if one attendance check per day is enough. Subject-specifc grade cards can be kept for long-term courses. For short courses, an overall grade can be recorded for each student.

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    Published date Jan 20, 2020
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Dec 1, 2020
    Category Education
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