CRM4 Realtor

CRM4 Realtor helps real estate agencies automate their processes

Developed by: Zeus4

CRM4 Realtor helps provide real estate agents with the necessary elements to speed up all their daily activities.
The CRM4 Realtor app allows you to capture and track leads, turning them into customers through email marketing campaigns, social media posts (synchronized with your contacts), SMS, and cold calls.
You'll be able to register the deals and contracts of the agency, reflect commissions of agents and referrals, generate invoices, and export/send invoices in PDF format. You can view your info in different dashboards, which will allow you to manage the different states your deal or contract goes through. You’ll also have the possibility of assigning percentages to the commercial stages your deals go through, depending on what your sales area decides to highlight for the fulfillment and order of the objectives of the agency.

Finally, once the real estate services have been collected, you can automatically determine the commissions associated with each agent and save the corresponding payments.

CRM4 Realtor offers all this and more in a friendly, integrated, and easy-to-use environment, offering views, graphs, dashboards, and reports to help you understand the status of your business with a few clicks.

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    Published date Apr 13, 2021
    Version 1.0
    Category Real Estate
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