ZE Companies House Assistant for Zoho CRM

Automatically import UK Beta Companies House and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) data into Zoho CRM!

Built for: CRM Developed by: ZE Partner

The ZE Companies House Assistant extension for Zoho CRM helps you quickly and automatically import data on UK companies from Companies House and the FCA!

Fetch the correct legal name of the company, the correct registered address, the current status, the dates of past and upcoming accounts, and more from Companies House. If the company is FCA Registered, you can also find their website and phone number!

Simply use the 3 search tools as required:
- Existing Record Search: Look up details for an existing Lead, Contact, Account, or Deal using the related list "Search Companies" widget.
- New Records Search: Use the "Companies House Search" button when creating Leads, Contacts, Accounts, or Deals to search Companies House or the FCA to add to data directly to your new record!
- Companies House Bulk Search Webtab: Search for companies using criteria such as Incorporation Date, SIC Code, Location, and so much more to find thousands of Companies within seconds. Easily some or all of these results as Leads or Accounts, or export the data to CSV!

This tools brings so much additional functionality to Zoho CRM for any B2B company working with UK companies!

* requires a subscription to ZE Companies House Assistant (30 day free trial provided on installation)

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Sep 25, 2023
    Version 2.0
    Latest Released date May 17, 2024
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