CRM4 Freight Forwarder v2.0

CRM4 Freight Forwarder makes your shipments light

Developed by: Zeus4

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This solution intends to create a logistics application as extensive and comprehensive as any other application for the management of the Freight Forwarder, Warehouse Management System and Supply Chain that may exist in the market. It has been implemented with Zoho Creator, demonstrating its power and benefiting users of all the application integration in the Zoho ecosystem.
Eventhough, we have already developed several versions, we still consider that we have some way to go. So, we invite all Freight Forwarders around the world who want to use our application to help giving us feedback to empower this solution within the Zoho ecosystem.
The current price is not what an application like this should cost in the market. It should raise to $29.99 per user, which is the price at which our company markets all applications. Today, we have a symbolic price, precisely because we are looking for companies interested in managing their logistics operations with this application. We are convinced that we have achieved an efficient, feasible and complete application. Our team is ready to continue improving it.

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    Published date Apr 15, 2021
    Version 3.0
    Latest Released date Aug 31, 2023
    Category Business
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