Automatic Weight Calculator for Zoho Inventory

Accelerate order fulfillment by automating the total weight calculations for each product sold based on the quantity added to a sales order.

Built for: Inventory Developed by: Zoho Corporation

The automatic item weight calculator extension makes use of Zoho Inventory's built-in automation engine to derive the total weight of each item on a sales order based on the weight captured within each item record in Zoho Inventory and the quantity ordered by a customer. The total weight of each item will then be carried forward to the individual package slips and shipment orders that are linked to these sales orders. This allows users to determine the right shipping medium and the associated costs for delivering goods to customers.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Oct 9, 2022
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Mar 10, 2023
    Category Inventory Management
    Pricing Free
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