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SMS for Zoho CRM and SMS for Zoho Desk are powered by Sinch MessageMedia. For over 20 years, Sinch MessageMedia has helped businesses of all sizes better connect with their customers. We’re the masters of SMS marketing and now we offer so many other ways for businesses to reach people. Simply put, we’re a global messaging provider and since 2021, we’ve been part of Sinch, a global CPaaS company.

About us:

- 20+ years in business – born in 2000.

- 185+ countries we send messages to.

- 650m messages sent monthly.

- 70k global customers, across all our brands.

Get support:
1800 155 228 (AU)
1-866-751-8337 (US)
0800 686 964 (NZ)
0808 234 8246 (UK)

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