Ring.io for Zoho

Ring.io Power Dialer for Zoho

Product: CRM Developed by: Zoho Corporation

Ring.io replaces your current phone system with a seamlessly integrated and easy to use telephony  solution. Ring.io's Zoho CTI Integration helps sales teams boost productivity team-wide with Zoho integrated  telephony features. Grow revenue with powerful telephony in Zoho. Ring.io for Zoho connects your  sales rep to the lead, account or contact being called.
The integration increases sales productivity with the ability to click seamlessly through leads to  significantly increase the number of calls your reps make. Get screen pops with useful information  about your leads, prospects, and customers so you can deliver better interactions and make every  call a success.

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    Published date Feb 21, 2019
    Category Telephony
    Pricing Free
    Platform Phonebridge

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