Google MyBusiness integration for Zoho Desk

Integrate Google My Business with your Zoho Desk to keep up with reviews and questions about your business locations

Built for: Desk Developed by: Spritle Software

Integrating Google My Business with Zoho Desk will enable you to fetch the latest reviews and questions from Google My Business and create a Zoho Desk ticket for them automatically. 

The app will get the latest reviews and questions for your Google My Business locations every 5 minutes and create Zoho Desk tickets for them. Support agents can reply to the reviews and questions directly from Zoho Desk, and their responses will be added as replies to the corresponding reviews and questions. 
Keep yourself updated on everything that's happening in your Google My Business locations.

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    Admin Guide
    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Feb 18, 2020
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Mar 26, 2024
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