Playstore integration for Zoho Desk

Creates a Zoho Desk ticket for every review of your app in the Google Play Store

Built for: Desk Developed by: Spritle Software

Integrating the Google Play Store with Zoho Desk will enable you to fetch all reviews of your Play Store app and create Zoho Desk tickets out of them. You can reply to reviews directly from Zoho Desk, and your responses will be added as replies to the reviews in the Play Store. This integration helps you keep track of the comments users have left on your app, and gives you an easy way to reply to them. 

How it works:
1. Configure the app by setting up Zoho Desk connection and logging into the appropriate Google account
2. Specify the Play Store listing you want to fetch reviews for 
3. Set how often you want the app to fetch reviews, and enable the app. 
4. For every interval you set, reviews are fetched and converted into tickets
5. Your support team can now reply to the reviews by adding replies in Zoho Desk

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    Published date Jan 20, 2020
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Nov 30, 2023
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