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View agent availability in real time and assign tickets

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Assigning tickets to the correct agent results in a faster response from the right person. To accomplish this, you need to know which agents are available, so you can assign tickets to agents who can provide the right response immediately. You also need to be able to see who's offline, check on their most urgent tickets, and assign those tickets to agents or teams who are currently online. Currently, you can see the availability of agents from the Headquarters dashboard in your help desk, but you can't assign tickets from inside the dashboard. This is where the Ticket Assignment extension comes to your rescue.

The extension lists the agents online at the top of the assignment window, followed by those who are offline. Agents online are noted by a solid green circle on their profile picture. Within the extension, you can assign new tickets or reassign those of offline agents to agents who are online.

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    Published date May 26, 2020
    Category Agent Productivity
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    Platform Sigma

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