Burst SMS

Send SMS using custom message or a predefined SMS template.Even setup SMS automation.

Developed by Oscillosoft Pty Ltd.

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Burst SMS is an extension developed by Oscillosoft that allows users to send SMS from the Leads, Contacts, and Potentials modules in Zoho CRM.Users can manually send custom SMS to individual customers, or they can send bulk SMS to up to 100 customers at a time. You can also set up automation rules within Zoho CRM to automatically send SMS  at a scheduled time. The CRM will then be able to receive SMS replies from customers and store the replies against their record. In addition to sending and receiving SMS, Zoho CRM also keeps logs of which customers use the opt out feature, which is included in each SMS. As an added benefit, you can even set up the SMS service to send customers a short reminder of an appointment or other event via a text.

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      Version 74
      Category Marketing
      Pricing Paid

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      • Enterprise
      • CRM Plus
      • Zoho One
      • Ultimate

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