Infor CloudSuite SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM

Integrate your Infor Cloud Suite system with Zoho CRM

Built for: CRM Developed by: Commercient

Commercient SYNC is created by ERP and CRM data integration experts. As such, SYNC creates a simple data integration pathway between your Infor CloudSuite and Zoho CRM. Once the data integration takes place, your Infor CloudSuite data is automatically loaded into your Zoho CRM without programming, coding, mapping, or servers required. SYNCing data is a cloud-based experience that ensures your data is protected. SYNC has the following benefits:
Data integrated from Infor CloudSuite to Zoho CRM becomes native data inside Zoho CRM. Being native data inside the CRM means bringing data from your Infor CloudSuite over to Zoho CRM in which you can perform any function with that data and manipulate it how you need to; for example, connecting to third-party apps and creating dashboards.

Inside Zoho CRM, the system acts as a user-friendly search engine to look up data that is SYNCed from Infor CloudSuite; since the data is native, it is searchable. For instance, you can search for a serial number that relates to a sales order record or invoice record.

The Commercient SYNC app developed for Infor CloudSuite and Zoho CRM detects changes in either database and SYNCs only those changes in the data within either system.

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    Please note that Commercient SYNC for your ERP and Zoho CRM is free to download. The actual integration between your ERP & Zoho CRM is a subscription-based service provided by Commercient SYNC. Commercient SYNC plans are paid annually, and pricing is based on a per-user/month basis. Please contact us for specific pricing details at Click here for further contact information

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Oct 9, 2022
    Version 1.0
    Latest Released date Nov 21, 2022
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