QuickBooks Desktop SYNC by Commercient for Zoho CRM

Commercient's QuickBooks Desktop and Zoho CRM SYNC integration

Built for: CRM Developed by: Commercient

Commercient’s innovative app, SYNC, integrates QuickBooks Desktop and Zoho CRM to merge your QuickBooks Desktop data into Zoho. QuickBooks Desktop is an ERP that was created with the needs of small businesses in mind and is the most popular accounting software in the world. Commercient SYNC enables easy integration that is supported by Zoho; SYNC connects your QuickBooks data to your CRM. Unlike complex data integrations, SYNC works with simple technology, a hassle-free download, and does not require any mapping or custom coding.

Commercient’s two-way integration SYNC for Quickbooks with Zoho supports QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks 2014, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Commercient SYNC doesn’t require any coding, mapping documents, or ETL in order to function. SYNC can be as simple as a one-way integration or as complex as bi-directional integrations.

Commercient’s SYNC can be completely customized to meet your business needs, manufacturing, retailing or others. SYNC can synchronize data one-way or bi-directionally for maximum benefits.

Custom modules are available only for Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition or above versions, If the customer has purchased Zoho CRM Professional Edition they cannot have any custom modules in their Zoho CRM apart from default ERP tables.

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    "Please note that Commercient SYNC for your ERP and Zoho CRM is free to download. The actual integration between your ERP & Zoho CRM is a subscription-based service provided by Commercient SYNC. Commercient SYNC plans are paid annually, and pricing is based on a per-user/per month basis. Please contact us for specific pricing details sales@commercient.com. Click here for further contact information https://www.commercient.com/contact-us/ "

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Mar 12, 2019
    Version 4.0
    Latest Released date Jan 11, 2024
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Free
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