LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM

Send and receive SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram messages in Zoho CRM

Product: CRM Developed by: Iseka Services

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Overview: LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM fixes a big problem in today's ever-changing world of communications. We all know that many customers do not keep up-to-date with their emails and want to communicate with suppliers more easily using the communication channel they choose. The ability for companies to store all forms of customer communication, no matter what form they take, has never been more important. LogixOne Chat is designed to consolidate and simplify your interactions with your customers based on the social media instant-chat channel they choose. With support for SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram messages (with more to come) LogixOne Chat means that you can allow all or a selection of your Zoho CRM users to communicate directly with customers right from the CRM interface.

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    Published date Jun 27, 2022
    Latest Released date Apr 7, 2022
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Paid
    Platform Sigma

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