Mapsly: Map Extension for Zoho CRM

The Ultimate Map for your Zoho CRM

Service: CRM Developed by: Mapsly LLC
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Mapsly is a feature-rich highly customizable map platform for geo-analysis, routing, territory management and no-code automation, fully integrated with Zoho CRM. View and edit your CRM records from any modules and slice them into layers; build optimized routes for sales reps, track their location, implement mobile check-in and other custom processes with custom buttons, forms and actions; plan regular visits for an entire team; hand-draw territories or build them from counties and postal codes and automatically assign CRM records to them; find local businesses by keywords and import them to any module; find best-matching records based on flexible criteria including driving distance/time; and do much more. See the full list of features under the demo video below, and visit for details and pricing.

24/7 chat support, live demos, staff training and implementation services are included in your Mapsly subscription. Chat with us now at or schedule a demo at

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    Published date Apr 1, 2020
    Category Sales
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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