Outgrow Extension for Zoho CRM

Boost lead generation, segmentation, and customer engagement

Built for: CRM Developed by: Outgrow.co

Outgrow enables marketers to create personalized content like calculators, quizzes, recommendations, forms, surveys, chatbots, polls, contests, and assessments. These high-converting experiences offer real value to the customer, enable new levels of engagement, and generate helpful data that you can use to qualify and segment leads. Using the integration you can pass all lead data that you collect with your various Outgrow experiences to Zoho. You can also first filter all the lead data in Outgrow using various criteria, and then pass that data to Zoho.

Key Features:

    Given the impact of Coronavirus on the industry, Outgrow has decided to make all Forms and Surveys free for the whole of 2020. This offer only applies to the Forms/Survey Content Type and can be claimed here - https://premade.outgrow.us/outgrow-zoho-free-forms-and-surveys”

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    Deployment type API-built integrations
    Published date Nov 7, 2019
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Paid
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