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Make communication easier with your clients and expand your business with the Zoho CRM 2 Twilio extension

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The Zoho CRM 2 Twilio extension has been developed with a view to creating an efficient communication channel between Zoho CRM and your customers. This plugin creates a bi-directional text messaging service, allowing users to send and receive SMSes from Zoho CRM Leads, Contacts, and Potentials modules directly to a client's mobile numbers. Users can either send an SMS to an individual client or send bulk SMSes to 100 customers at a time. An automation rule can even be set up to send bulk or individual SMSes. The plugin will create a record inside CRM, keeping all your inbound and outbound SMSes. Aside from sending and receiving SMSes, Zoho CRM will also be able to keep logs of customer usage with the help of this plugin.

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    Published date Apr 24, 2022
    Latest Released date Apr 20, 2022
    Category Marketing
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    Platform Sigma

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