Walk Score for Zoho CRM

Add Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score to your rental and for-sale properties

Product: CRM Developed by: Zoho Corporation

Walk Score helps users find apartments with a better commute, great nearby places, and transportation choices. For each address, Walk Score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities to generate scores for how easy it is to walk, bike, or take public transit to local amenities. With this extension for Zoho CRM, you can see the Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score for any address, right from your Zoho CRM. Use the extension to easily gather scores to promote your properties.

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    Note: The Walk Score is supported only in three locations: Canada, Australia, and the United States.

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    Published date Jun 9, 2020
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Free
    Platform Sigma

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