Zerobounce Email Validator for Zoho CRM

Zerobounce Email Validator

Service: CRM Developed by: EasyToCheck Software Solutions
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This extension integrates Zerobounce with Zoho CRM. It enables users to validate any existing email field in Zoho CRM. This is a great feature for those CRM users who want to get rid of bounces, complaints, and spam caused by invalid or fraudulent email addresses. It provides fast, accurate, and secure email validation and specializes in in-depth email list cleaning, bounce detection, email abuse, and spam trap detection.
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Key Features:

    1.The additional features provided will be compatible only from Enterprise Edition
    2. Existing users will still be able to use the extension in their current version(v20) and will not work if user tries to upgrade to latest version

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    Published date Sep 17, 2018
    Latest Released date Nov 3, 2020
    Category Marketing
    Pricing Paid
    Platform Sigma

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