Ticket Status Lifecycle Extension for Zoho Desk

Get complete insight into your ticket's status lifecycle from opening to resolution.

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A ticket can go through various statuses once it gets created. For example, upon its creation, ticket status is Open. When an agent replies to the ticket, its status will change to Resolved. Similarly, if the customer responds to the same ticket, then the status becomes Open again. After that, when the ticket stays unresolved for a predetermined time, it takes status Escalated. Finally, once the issue is resolved and the requestor acknowledges the resolution, the status will be set as Closed. Tracking these updates on a ticket is essential as they signify the root cause of your support inefficiencies.

The Ticket Status Lifecycle extension allows you to see all status updates of a ticket laid out over a timeline view. It covers every aspect of a ticket's status across its life cycle. Additionally, the extension also shows you who effected the status change and the amount of time the ticket spent at each status.

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    Published date Jul 14, 2019
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