Mails and Domains Spam Control for Zoho Mail

Say goodbye to spam with Zoho Mail's powerful spam control for your inbox and domains.

Built for: Mail Developed by: Nexivo | Zoho Premium Partner

Zoho Mail provides robust spam control features to protect your inbox from unwanted and potentially harmful emails. The system uses advanced algorithms and filters to identify and block spam emails before they reach your inbox.

Zoho Mail's spam control includes a range of tools, such as domain and IP-based blacklists, content-based filtering, and sender reputation checks. The system also supports customizable filters, which allow you to specify keywords or criteria to identify and automatically delete or move spam emails to a separate folder.

In addition, Zoho Mail offers domain-level spam control, allowing you to block emails from specific domains or email addresses. This feature helps prevent spam and phishing attacks by blocking emails from known spam sources.

Overall, Zoho Mail's spam control features help ensure your inbox remains clean and free from unwanted or potentially harmful emails.

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    Deployment type Zoho platform
    Published date Jun 27, 2023
    Version 1.1
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